Starting small and growing naturally, the Kid’s Learning center has expanded from roughly 20 kids in December 2008 to over 300 kids currently accessing the various programs per month. From a single outreach program to over 15 innovative projects, the scope of the center continues to grow. In 2009, we hosted the first year of our Kindergarten school. In September 2013, that school expanded to include Grade one Students, and in total educates 115 students towards a life of learning. Programs offered at the Learning Center:
  • Youth Leadership Workshops
  • After School Study Programs
  • Home Work Assistance and Tutoring
  • National Exam Preparation Courses
  • English Classes
  • Dialogue and Discussion Programs
  • Crafts and Games
  • Open Center (recreation)
  • Sports Camps
  • Holiday Celebrations
  • Adult Women’s Community Discussion Program
  • Basic Health Training
  • And others…
Strong Hearts developed an education program to provide a place of learning for children in the Kore community. Our Kid’s Learning Center was founded with the opening of a our kindergarten, Strong Academy, in September 2009! In 2010, a nursery school was added to keep up with the growing demand for adequate education in the community and in 2013, we expanded yet again by adding a grade one class. Our hope is that the school will continue to expand every year. We offer full-day classes to 125 children, and with our lunch program, we are able to provide the nutrition they may not be getting at home. Our goal at Strong Academy is that we will provide a foundation to ensure the students have the best possible transition into the formal school system.

Child Sponsorship

Children from the Kore community are accepted into our Child Sponsorship program according to their need. Orphans, vulnerable children, and the most impoverished are sponsored first. Those selected for the program have 100% of expenses paid for their education, as well as nutritious food (sometimes their only food for the day), school uniforms, medical care, immunizations, school supplies, extracurricular activities and counseling. For $38 a month, you can invest in a child living in poverty and promote change in his or her community. Your sponsorship of a child provides ongoing opportunity and blessing, so we ask for a 5 year commitment to ensure their needs are met during critical development years and to maximize their success for long-term self-sufficiency. If a child’s needs are met prior to the 5 years, you are no longer obligated to your commitment to continue providing monetary support.

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