Kasech has been a patient of the hospice program for over one year. Over this time she has been fighting through the stages of HIV and TB. At this time she is bedridden once again, and because of this cannot work. Her daughter, Slameweyt, has been forced to take over the role of providing for the family, as Kasech’s husband has passed away. Slameweyt is 17-years-old and because of having to provide for her family had to drop out of school over a year ago. She had finished through grade 8 and she said Biology was her favorite subject in school. She also said that she misses her friends and social interaction with peers her age. This past year, instead of school, she worked 10-hour everyday 6-days a week as a day laborer carrying heavy blocks and working with cement, but even this is not possible anymore. She hurt her leg at work and has not been able to work for the past 15 days. Typically, Slameweyt was making about $50 a month, which was enough to cover all of their needs. But now, they have no source of income. Their rent is due in 8 days, and costs about $25 a month. Even once Slameweyt’s leg heals, she does not belong as a day laborer, but in school where she can get an education and hope for the future.

if you are interested to send Selameweyt to school please do extend our hand of blessing on the following onine doations




God Bless you!

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