Twenty-five years ago, Shibera Bogale who is currently our Hospice care Client, came to Addis Ababa from the countryside of Welo. She had no children, but her husband, who came with her, has children that live with them currently. Eight years ago Shibera went to the hospital to be tested and treated for Herpes Zoster. The tests revealed that she also was positive for HIV AIDS. She started treatment immediately. Shibera and her husband support themselves by collecting garbage from people’s homes. Last year Shibera began growing vegetables to sell. Although her garden is flourishing, she is becoming increasingly weak from her illness, and struggles to carry water from far away for her garden. One month ago, she took out a loan, which she will repay within 18 months, to purchase 15 young chickens. Shibera is an excellent example for people suffering from HIV AIDS. She does not let her illness keep her from setting goals for herself and accomplishing things. She is industrious, positive, and should be an encouragement for all HIV AIDS patients.

If Shibera got a water tab line at her house then that will make her successful in her garden work and Strong Hearts appreciate any help towards this need!!! The water tab line costs abdout $250 if anyone is interested in helping Shiberea please let me know!

Shibere Shibere


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