This has been a challenging week for the Hospice Program. We learned on Monday thatour patient Serekalem went to the doctor for a check up and was told she onlyhad a short time left to live. Serekalem has cervical cancer, and ended her chemotherapy treatment months ago. The last round of chemotherapy caused kidneyfailure, so now she is living with only one kidney. The day after she heard thenews the hospice staff spent a lot of time with her offering her words ofsolace, as well as praying with her. The news has been very hard for Serekalem,and she has spent the past few days with family and friends. It has been veryimportant to us to keep her faith strong, and make sure she knows that she willbe going to a better place. One of our big concerns is both of her daughters. Serekalem’sdaughters are ages four and twelve, and their father recently moved to Americafor work. Serekalem has always been a very hardworking, friendly, and positivepatient that we have always enjoyed visiting. We at Strong Hearts hope that thefamily stays strong, and will continue to regularly visit them throughout thenext few weeks, as well as keep Serekalem and her family in our prayers.




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